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Afbrudt trekant (Disrupted Triangle)

Afrudt trekant (Disrupted Triangle) 2022 

The photography Disrupted Triangle is based in the performance, where the artist enacts an artistic dialogue with Faaborg’s most renown and loved sculpture, Kai Nielsen’s Ymerbrønden placed on the Square. The white wedding dress’ huge skirt mimics the sculptures circular shape, and the the slender shape of the woman in the white fabric is in clear contrast to the monumental sculpture in dark bronze.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen emphasises how Ymerbrønden, in its time, expressed a quite daring sensuality – in contrast to the partially public outrage of the time and to the more recent political correctness in art – and through its interaction, gives renewed focus to the more than 100 year old sculpture. In Disrupted Triangle the artist invites the audience to reflect upon shapes and colours, present and past expression of art – yet also the mythology of gender perception.

From the artist:
Ymerbrønden tells about the story of creation according to Norse mythology. The female representation is absent or is present in the form of the cow: Audhumbla, whose name is impossible to remember and pronounce. Dressed in a wedding dress and smoking a cigar, I add female energy to Ymerbrønden in a symbolic marriage with the sculpture”.

The piece is in a scale of 1:1 with the sculpture on the Square (a newer version in bronze from 1964). The original in sandstone (1913) belongs to the museum and is placed in its own exhibition space next to the photography. By Faaborg Museum 

Photo: Andreas Bastian
Text by Faaborg Museum 

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