Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Tiden hænger på Træet (Time Hanging in the Tree)

Title: Tiden hænger på Træet (Time Hanging in the Tree)

Location: Faaborg Kunstmuseum, Fåborg

Video: 60 minutter

Video stills: Eddy Media

Installations photo: Andreas Bastiansen

Time and existence. LCR follows the shadows of a naked spring tree in the garden by “The old farm” in Faaborg and tracks them with a 1:1 sketching on the grass, where the shadow falls. You follow the artist running against time, seen from above and through different time intervals during a day, where the shadows constantly moves. With every sketch she uses a spray can, which takes about 4 minutes – in the meantime the shadow of the tree will have moved 7-9 centimeters.

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