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Hommage a André Cadere

A long time fascination for the Polish-Romanian artist André Cadere inspired us to curate a reenactment af his Barres de rond performance.

Collaboration with Designbolaget and Mads Nørgaard, 2014

Hommage a André Cadere 1

The project culminated in three live performances in Copenhagen and was documented in a limited print publication.

Photo Sascha Maric

Installed in a Billboard Project, Casablanca, Marocco

Concept and curation: Hanne Lise Thomsen

Homage á André Cadere 2

Project with Mads Nørgaard and Designbolaget

Cadere’s Round Bar of Wood, violet, white, yellow, blue, 1975

Stick is a remake by the artist Fos

Part 2 at Arctic Action Pyramiden and Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 2016

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