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Göteborg 2018

Faroe Islands 2018

Nordic Islands Actions in Nature Føroyar 2018

Photos by Sunniva G. Mortensen

Sustainability as a premise: one of the principal aims of NIAN Føroyar 2018 is to create art without wasting resources or polluting the land.

Organized by Performance Køkkenet

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo and Sunniva G. Mortensen

Below pictures from Lost and found and Mobile Mirrors


Material: Red Rock

I found a red rock in Nolsoy which I used for three actions in the Faroes.

The first day I drew shadows my one and by passers on the asphalt in Nolsoy.
The second day I painted the zebra crossing red in downtown Thorshavn
The third day I used the red rock at the G-festival writing: Beauty comes from the outside… // Leaving the red rock behind…

Mobile Mirror

Solo strolling around the G-festival
Lost in stage

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