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I always envied the abilities of the octopus especially its tentacles. In the living sculpture and performance Octopada. I impersonate the features of the octopus. The outfit can change color by copying the color, of what it points at. It has 8 tentacles: 6 arms and 2 feet. 

When, avoiding the enemy the octopus camouflages itself in its environment by imitating colors, patterns and shapes, it can detach a tentacle or even start devouring it self, if it has to escape from danger.

Idea and Performer: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Costume Designer: Lise Klitten

Octoada – Bergen

Photo by Dag Fosse
KODE, Bergen

Octopada – manilla

MET, Manila 2016

Technical: Peter Zander
Hands: Michael Schulz Art Fabrication
Photo: PNaz Photo

Venue: Festival Nordlys & P-noise at The MET, Metropolitan Theatre Manila 2016.

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