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Situations: Small Talk About Big Things

Situations: Small Talk About Big Things

At this year’s Grønningen exhibition at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen created a durational performance where hidden performers where encouraging viewers to reflect and engage in discussions of the artworks. The five hour long performance culminated in a breakdown of characters, where the performers broke their formerly established characters in a round tour of the rooms of the exhibition, where the audience experienced dancing, singing and a ritual that took its inspiration from an essential part of the art opening; the toast.

Jonatan Wejnold

‘Situations: Small Talks about Big Things, Grønningen, Den Frie, Copenhagen, 2021

Duration: 5 hours

“Hidden performance” 5 actors performing different characters from the art scene:

The collector, art student, art history student, journalist and the bohemian,

intruding and making people talk about the art works instead of vernissage gossiping.

Site-specific performance that stretched over the 5 hours of the gallery opening. The piece culminated in a cascade of dancing, singing and a tribute to the artists’ association Grønningen, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen.

In the end Lilibeth ending up revealing their identities as who they are each makes their act of dancing, singing or gymnastics

Performers: Olivia Brix, Tine Davidsen, Skjold Rambow, Rasmus Balling. Katrine Leth

Concept and direction: LCR

Videostills: Olivia Brix

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