Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen


Vestige, Drawing Room, Manila 2017

Sepia on silk
Selected paintings. Titles, measure of each painting 

1. Alcyonacea/Soft coral, 40×40 cm 

2. Isididae/ Coral Bamboo, 80×80 cm

3. Chrysaora fuscescens/Jellies, 80×80 cm

4. Euphausiacea/ Kril symphony, 80×80 cm

5. Alga #2 Sea weed, 80×80 cm

6. Excavation # 1: Mingling sea creatures/Merging species, 80×80 cm

7. Diploria Labyrinthiformis/Grooved
brain coral, 40x40cm

8. Batoidea/Ray fish, 40×40 cm

9. Octocorallia, 130×180 cm

10. Ichinoidea/Spinning Sea Urchins, 40 x 40 cm

11. Vestige # 1 (foot), 40×40 cm

12. Vestige # 2 (Hands), 40×40 cm

The process: I cover my body with genuine octopus ink. I print directly on silk. The images I make have several layers: I add and erase a new layer to the previous. In this process some images appear abstract others are more obvious.

I have one rule I use my body as a “brush”. In this process I have discovered many different angles of the body and how to move around and on the canvas.

The combination of materials: silk from silk worms and squid ink is important. It is interesting to merge the products of these two boneless animals together.

The silk is glossy and soft like a babies skin. The blackness of the squid ink is un- comparable to any other blackness I have encountered. It is organic and nontoxic. The two materials merges´nicely together, the contrast of black and white, the nuances of the black on the glossy silk

Vestige is a development and continuation of my Gaia works, that started in 2013. It is about “performing a trace”. I find it natural to use my own body. This is how I paint. I paint with my body or I don’t paint.

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