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Vestigios, 2017

(Vestiges) Performance for the earth. 

TV TOWER, Brasilia. Architect: Lucìa Costa
Real time duration: 90 minutes
Photographer: Luciana Melo & Marie Rømer Westh
Music: Pete Drungle
Film, edit, postproduction: Videomarca Team Brasilia

Collaborative Brazilian partners:
Deborah Dodd Macedo. Project coordinator, choreographer, dancer and tutor based in Brasilia. Professor at the Dance Licenciature at Instituto Federal de Ciencias e Tecnologia de Brasilia (IFB).
IFB (the institution as such and students from Licenciatura de Dança)
University of Brasilia (UnB) (the institution as such and students from the Performing Arts Program)
Anders Hentze from and Instituto Cultural da Dinamarca

Performance with 100 dance students from IFB, Instituto Federal de Brasilia, Uib, University of Bergen and volunteer citizens from Brasilia.

The united bodies measure the earth through transformations of geometric shapes. Thereafter with their feet seeding the earth with caolin.

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