Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

The Instrumental Man

Performance with Lydenskab 2012

The ensemble: Lydenskab
Guitar: Thea Vesti / Drums: Eskild Winding / Flute: Karolina Leedo / Vibrafon and percussion: Mikkel Ib / Cello: Sofia Olson / Trumpet: Jeppe Uggerhøj

Composer: Katrine Møllebæk

Lyrics and performance: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Venue: Acts 2012 at Musicon, Performance festival organized by Samtidskunst Roskilde

Duration: 20 minutes
Photos by Andreas Rodforth 2012
Other venues performed in the spring 2012: Horsens Art Museum, Kvindemuseet (Womens Museum), Aarhus, Athelas, Copenhagen; Festival for new compositional music Denmark

In “The instrumental Man” I incarnate the drama of the modern man. It deals with a hot topic arising in certain Western societies such as the Danish, where men are starting to feel suppressed as a result of women’s liberation and fight for equal rights. As a feminist it is I, as a female artist, who have the experience af voicing gender problems in writing and visuals.

Homo Habilis, sculpture.

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